Earth day & what?

Every year in April we see a flurry of content relating to how we're bidding to do better in our every day actions. ⁠For us, this is an important day and a big feature in our everyday decisions. 🌍 
Building and trying to launch a self-funded business in a global pandemic has had its difficulties, and we've had to be really flexible in our approach...
the clean dog co earth day greener aspiration qualities
Here's how we plan to be kinder and more conscious with all we do at The Clean Dog Co. ⁠
1. Kind without Compromise
We work closely with our formulation team to ensure the ingredients we source are organic where possible & always sustainable.⁠
2. Always Vegan
We will not and do not use animal byproduct within our range.⁠
3. Keep it Green
Our packaging is either bio-degradable or fully recyclable. We are working towards bottles made from recycled material or a kinder alternative...Watch this space. ⁠
4. Giving Back 
This brand is more than a passion, it's a medium to help us change the world even if just a little bit, whether that's financial contributions or time to volunteer, we're working on it!⁠
5. Proudly made in the UK
Minimising the carbon footprint and giving back to our economy by using UK suppliers where possible. ⁠
6. Forever evolving, always caring
It doesn't stop there. We'll always want to do better so, let us know what's important to you, if you do anything personally to be kinder to the planet? ⁠