The Clean Dog Kit
The Clean Dog Kit

The Clean Dog Kit

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Your introduction to The Clean Dog Company. Perfect for a gift to new pup-parents or for yourself - save yourself some £'s! 

We've created this kit to be your easy choice for washing your pup. Suitable for all ages and dog coats.


  • The Shampoo 250ml
  • The Towel
  • The Fur-Massager (Blue or Lilac)

Kit worth £39.97 if items bought separately. Save 20%!

Why us? Well...

Developed by dog owners

Our products are made specifically for dogs, by a team of dog owners.

Kind without compromise

Gentle enough to use on small pups to experienced doggos.

Always vegan, always gentle

The ingredients and materials used are consciously chosen for the best result within nature's reach.

We are the Clean Dog Company

& we love dogs. We are here to put our furry friends first, creating clean, natural & sustainable products, to keep your dogs coat and skin happy, healthy and clean!