Hello from us!

Hi 👋 I’m Natt & this is Pablo and we are The Clean Dog Company. Behind the scenes we have Matt, my husband, and together we were inspired by the sheer love for our Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pablo, to create The Clean Dog co.


After having a long patch of woes and worries, we realised the anxiety put on us was significantly lessened when Pablo was close by. At home, we try and use the cleanest items as possible, from our skincare to our floor cleaner, but when it came to what we had for Pablo we were dismayed at the lack of choice for good, natural solutions which didn’t feel like a compromise in anyway... so off we went to work.

We’ve been developing our brand and product for almost 2 years now, making sure it is 👌 for our pups who trust us implicitly and help us on so many levels.

The thought of disregarding the needs of our fur family was utterly heart breaking to us, so we have put passion, love and sincerity into building a brand that you can trust is making the right choices on our dogs' behalves. 

So here we are, finally putting our dreams into action with launching our initial core range - we hope you enjoy!